5G, IoT and the role of the regulator

Invited to speak at the bi-yearly ‘AT Café’ at the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency (AT) in Groningen and Amersfoort, to speak about 5G, IoT and the role of the regulator. Read more here.  

Geo-analysis + telecommunications

In April 2016, I gave a presentation at Eindhoven University of Technology on quantitative geographical analysis in the domain of telecommunications. Download slides: Quantitative geo-analysis in telecommunications

Why you need T-shaped professionals to use big data for policy

Big data provides unprecedented opportunities throughout society, but in practice, embedding innovative big data sources and methods in a governmental context is not easy. In a masterclass organised by Dialogic on November 5, 2015 and designed specifically for managers and policy makers of governments and (semi-) public organizations, we explore the (potential) …

Big data for official statistics

The 2014 ESS “Big Data in Official Statistics” event, organised in Rome on 31 st March and 1st April 2014, aimed at contributing to the implementation of the Scheveningen Memorandum, by achieving the following objectives: Increasing awareness of the Big Data challenges in the ESS and propose ways to address …

Improving statistical patent valuation indicators using citation data

Businesses increasingly rely on patent valuation in order to evaluate their own position regarding intellectual property, as well as their competitor’s. Being able to statistically valuate patents is regarded by many professionals in the field as the ‘holy grail’ of patent landscaping. Statistical patent valuation is also of high interest …