Curriculum vitae

Work experience

  • 2017 – ongoing: Senior researcher / consultant at Dialogic innovation & interaction
    Research and strategy consultancy in the domain of telecommunications, software platforms, intellectual property and big data. Supervision of in-house software development.
  • 2012 – 2016: Researcher / consultant at Dialogic innovation & interaction
    Research and advice on innovation; particularly in the domains of software platforms, intellectual property, telecommunications and big data.
  • 2010 – ongoing: App architect & developer at Pixelspark.
    Architecture and development of mobile applications for iOS and Android.



  • Data analysis & management: strong knowledge of and practical experience using SPSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS and Excel. Technical, thorough knowledge about distributed and ‘NoSQL’ databases such as MongoDB and RethinkDB.
  • Software development: expert knowledge of C/C++/Obj-C and Swift. Strong proficiency in Java, JavaScript (node.js).
  • Web development: expert knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and PHP, using libraries such as jQuery, Backbone, React, Vue, Less/Sass.
  • Strategy consulting: in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and appropriation strategy, innovation strategy, new technology strategy
  • Research & reporting: skilled writer in English & Dutch, international projects and presentations, project management