Building interactive infographics right in the browser

For Dialogic, I developed an interactive environment for the creation of web-based infographics and other interactive experiences right in the browser. The environment is used in the Dialogic Platform for providing rich dashboard experiences to customers.

Pros and cons for a switchoff of Dutch AM and FM broadcast

On the request of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Dialogic performed a study on the arguments for and against a switchoff of AM and FM broadcast radio distribution in the Netherlands. The purpose of this research is to provide insight into the options and necessary conditions for …

AirPods are magic, but how do they work?

In my opinion, the AirPods may be Apple’s best innovation since the iPhone. Being a daily user, I am still baffled by the fact that the AirPods are still (two years after their introduction) so much more convenient to use than other wireless headphones. While other headphones have issues pairing, …

Catena: SQL on a blockchain

A blockchain allows different entities share a database without having to entrust that database to a single entity. Catena provides an SQL database on top of a blockchain, providing all the benefits of blockchains (resiliency, distributed operation, openness) while providing a familiar interface to its users.

Are the Dutch insufficiently prepared for cyber attacks?

Dutch public and private organisations are not sufficiently protected against cyber threats. This is the conclusion of a study performed by the Rathenau Institute and Dialogic. The Netherlands is one of the most ICT-intensive economies in the world, and an attractive target for cyber criminals. The largest threat consists of foreign intelligence agencies …

The COBRA fibre optic cable between the Netherlands and Denmark

TenneT and have recently started work on realizing a 326 kilometer long undersea HVDC (high voltage, direct current) cable between the Netherlands and Denmark. Following advice of Dialogic, this cable will have a fibre optic cable attached. The cable is expected to enter service beginning 2019. On the Danish side, …

When will we reach the internet speed limits?

The barrier of 1 Gbit/s will be reached in 2018 by power users. DSL will be too slow for most users in relatively short time. DOCSIS 3.1 provides a growth path for cable that will allow it to compete for at least another few years. Effective throughput/capacity are however still highly dependent on the amount of investment by the operator.

5G, IoT and the role of the regulator

Invited to speak at the bi-yearly ‘AT Café’ at the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency (AT) in Groningen and Amersfoort, to speak about 5G, IoT and the role of the regulator. Read more here.  

What will be the demand for internet speed in 2022?

Together with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Dialogic performed a study on how residential upload and download speed demand will have developed by 2022 (I was the project lead for this study). The research focuses on consumers in the Netherlands and other West European countries with highly developed broadband markets. Thestudy …